What are the best outdoor flashlights?

Outdoor flashlights have come a long way since their early incarnations. The newest models are finding their way into more than just the traditional camping trip. From factory work to casual strolls through the garden, these durable lighting choices are as versatile as they are portable. Not all outdoor flashlights are created equal. These five selections are considered by consumers and critics alike to be the best of the best.

Noklite - Newest flashlight to hit the market

You may be disappointed, because you'll never need to buy a flashlight again. Noklite is military grade with one of the strongest lights on the market. You can spot bears in the forest, blind intruders, and even scare burglars away. It's truly the perfect accessory for your purse and home cabinet. Keep a flashlight on hand so you can protect you and your family.

Other recreational flashlights

Streamlight Strion LED The most expensive choice on the list, the Streamlight Strion brings the styling of larger flashlights to its aluminum case. Polycarbonate lens are made not to break, bend or scratch in even the harshest conditions. Unlike some models who require replacement batteries, the Strion offers a rechargeable battery with over three hours of running time. Users simply sit the flashlight on an included charging center and go about their day while it goes to work. At its highest level of lumens, count on the flashlight to extend to almost 400 meters.

Amasky Cree XLM-T6 On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Amasky Cree XLM-T6 offers many of the amenities found in expensive counterparts. The aluminum alloy body can take the rigors of constant use without losing its rugged appeal. Its smaller size makes the Amasky Cree a perfect accessory for anyone with limited space for accessories. Modes include the standard levels of beam strength. A morse code SOS feature is also available for emergencies. Batteries must be replaced when they lost their charge, but the convenient AAA size makes it easy to find in just about any location.

Smiling Shark SS-A100 This entry from Smiling Shark makes the list for three reasons, strength, price and battery versatility. The model's price range puts it well below competitors in the category, but it hardly skips what matters most to the consumer. A strong aluminum alloy body features a black finish that avoids chipping or fading over time. It also helps the case protect the lens and battery from damage. Though listed as water resistant by the manufacturer, its recommended the flashlight stay away from long term submersion.

Nebo Twyst The unusual name isn't the only thing that helps this flashlight stand out from all the rest. It's crafted to provide a higher level of lighting that adjusts to work, camping and standard home situations. Unlike other choices, it features a magnetic structure that easily hold onto any metallic surface such as work benches, kitchen appliances or office supplies. The aluminum structure only enhances the magnetic properties. This strong material will stand up to everything you can throw at it while retaining its versatile design.

Olight S1 Baton A minimal size is one of the stand out properties of the Olight S1 Baton. The company prides itself on this small flashlight ,which also comes with a carrying case. Its size was also taken into consideration when developing its on/off switch. Placed closer to the lens, the switch is out of view during transportation and easy to reach when the time comes to use the Baton. With a strong lumen output and almost two hours of running time, this compact flashlight can address many of the same tasks found in larger outdoor flashlights.

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